Mentro Initiative

This element will offer a series of training programmes over the scheme’s duration to support groups of individuals that share the same interest, in order to develop a business idea or respond to a challenge.

As part of the programme, successful applicants will receive weekly sessions with business specialists focusing on aspects such as marketing, finance management and attracting customers.

As well as specialist support, participants will also receive additional financial support of £1,000 to develop their business idea. One individual within every group will also get the additional opportunity to win an additional £1,000 in a competition at the end of the training programme. 

This element will also focus on the challenges that exist within the ARFOR area, such as:

  • How to keep young people in the ARFOR area?
  • How to add value through using the Welsh language?
  • How value can be added to local resources and assets?

Do you want to start or develop a new business?