ARFOR Challenge Fund

by | Oct 9, 2023

Would you like to know more about the ARFOR Challenge Fund?

The ambition of the ARFOR programme’s Challenge Fund will be to explore solutions that strengthen the relationship between language and economy, and we are looking for plans that offer to test the following;

  1. Using a language boosts the economy
  2. Using a language gives employers and staff new employment opportunities

  3. Using a language can help create a brand and attraction for businesses

  4. Using a language can spark a sense of pride, including feeling part of a community and having the opportunity to talk to other people who speak the same language.

The ARFOR Challenge Fund is open to collaborative applications between individuals, organisations, community groups or businesses who are prepared to demonstrate an innovative solution to a challenge that exists in their local community.

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Applications are currently closed to the ARFOR Challenge Fund

ARFOR Small Challenge Fund (up to £30,000)

Support and funding of up to £30,000 (VAT inclusive) to trial ideas quickly and on a small scale (following the principle that these schemes can lead to applications for the Large Challenge Fund).

Beneficiaries of the Fund will also receive practical support and training during the innovation process.

ARFOR Large Challenge Fund (up to around £100,000)

Financial support to organisations, either individually or collaboratively, to operate schemes that respond to ARFOR’s strategic objectives and challenges. The schemes could operate within a single ARFOR county, a combination of ARFOR counties or the ARFOR area in its entirety. It is predicted that applications for the Fund will be for around £100,000 (VAT inclusive) on average.